Technological line for production chips and french fries

Technological line for production chips and french fries

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Kulikova Elena Igorevna, manager
Flagma member since 6 September 2018

SnakPro Line is intended for producing chips or french fries and involves such processes as preliminary washing, whole potato washing, cleaning, slicing, frying. At the end of the process, you get ready-made chips prepared for packaging.
Products are fried by complete immersion in hot oil. The SnackPro Line do not have a conveyor mesh for moving the product. The
product moves thanks to the movement of oil that is being pumped, as well as with the help of paddles, which not only move the product
towards the discharge zone, but also carefully stir the product for uniform heat treatment.
Product discharge is carried out by a discharge conveyor. The time during which the product remains in the frying vat (frying time) is determined by the speed of movement of the discharge conveyor
The SnackPro Line is equipped with several levels of protection against overheating.
The continuous intensive circulation of oil eliminates the possibility of local overheating and guarantees that the set temperature is maintain across the entire volume of the oil in the system.
The efficient continuous circulation of oil is performed with the help of a special immersible pump for high-temperature liquids. The pump has no seals, which ensures a high level of safety and wear-resistance. A further distinctive feature of the applied pump is that it can run dry when there is no oil in the system for a short while

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